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I've been researching and writing on Brazilian financial markets, industry and economy since 2006 for a wide range of specialist media, consultancies and investors. Before that I spent over 10 years in London and New York writing for and editing magazines and journals dedicated to finance, investment and economics in developing markets, mostly for the Euromoney Institutional Investor group and Thomson Financial. Areas of coverage Below are samples of areas that I cover and some of the common themes that I investigate. Capital markets BM&FBovespa markets *capital raising trends: via equities (IPOs and secondary issuance), debt and loans *the asset management industry: legislation and coverage of the key hedge, pension and investment funds * corporate governance: how the regulator is seeking to strengthen best practice and limitations * debt markets: the nascent corporate markets, attempts to boost liquidity and new insturments. * private equity market: why this market has been so successful, who’s involved. *electronic, high frequency trading and alternative trading platforms: what does the future hold? Banking *credit: the growth of consumer and business credit and competition between banks and models *Public versus private: the role and market share of public and private sector banks and the politicization of the industry * internationalization: which Brazilian banks are expanding overseas and where * investment banking: the growth of the domestic market and who’s winning which mandates *regional banks and development banks: what role they play in the industry and how they compete Mining *licensing: the complex process of obtaining environmental, water, land and operating licenses at a state and federal level. * capacity: the feasibility and sustainability of capacity increases * financing: how miners are raising finance in Brazil and abroad *competition: the interplay Vale, MMX and junior miners *logistics: rail, road and port connections Oil and gas: the fund raising issues related to the massive of pre-salt (link) Multilatinas: Who are they and how and where they are expanding Meatpacking: Are debt burdens sustainable, what are the different business models for areas such as branding and distrbution Agriculture: How are farms consolidating, what are environmental risks, how can foreign investors be involved. IT and software: Can Brazil take on India and build a viable long-term IT industry? For more information on clients and work, please see the media and consultancy sections.

Get Real – Brazil’s curency is probably near a bottom

The Brazilian real has been in fast retreat for the last few months with a tumble that only the South African rand has managed to supersede.  Investor interest in Brazil has waned as financial ratios have deteriorated, the outlook on … Continue reading

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Brazil capital markets continue to wilt – no danger of improvement…

A couple of recent articles point to the uphill battle faced by Brazilian financial markets. And, unfortunately, there is no respite in sight. Equity markets have been whomped. The key Bovespa indexes continue to stagger and even smaller, retail-oriented companies are … Continue reading

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No to complacency on forests. Greenpeace calls for Federal government responsibility

twitter-timeline id=408275250996985856 username=johnrumsey1 Marcio Astrini, coordinator of Greenpeace Amazon, says that the latest official numbers for deforestation in Brazil  - which show a disheartening 28% increase  - point to a chronic lack of government oversight and commitment to tackle the … Continue reading

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WHARTON Reasons for Amazon optimism: highlights of Roberto Waack interview

This is the start to an article that will be fleshed out in coming days. Stay tuned.   There are reasons to be optimistic that the speed of deforestation and degradation of the Brazilian Amazon will continue to slow. That … Continue reading

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World Cup: brimming with delays

The tragic death of two workers involved in building the stadium to host the World Cup next June in São Paulo has reignited media coverage of delays and cost over-runs. A steady rumble of news has been coming out since … Continue reading

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Keep out! Top investor keeps Bovespa exposure low

Brazilian investors can be mealy-mouthed on government issues, at least to the media, to avoid poisoning relations with policy makers.  Not so one of Brazil’s most respected investor voices, Luis Stuhlberger. In his latest report, he has underscored the damage … Continue reading

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INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR: Will investors stick with hedge funds?

Armínio Fraga knows a thing or two about how to handle a lousy economy. The former emerging-markets portfolio manager at Soros Fund Management and founder, chairman and CIO of 7.4 billion-reais ($3.25 billion), Rio de Janeiro–based investment firm Gávea Investimentos … Continue reading

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LIBRA in balance prompts rethink on Petrobras presal role

The success of the giant LIBRA field auction was on a knife-edge today as union protests and tepid foreign interest continued to overshadow the $270bn project. Yet, although pessimism over Brazil reigns, some good old common sense looks to be leaking … Continue reading

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Marina offers safe haven to Eduardo Campos

Buckle up tight. The alliance between Eduardo Campos and Marina Silva may just raise the game at next year’s Brazilian elections but there are so many ifs and buts on the way that a return ticket on the Titanic might … Continue reading

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Brave new world: how journalists are relegated to second fiddle

The Guardian’s Katharine Viner writes cogently about the far-reaching, painful and exciting changes that are being wrought by digital journalism on the industry . As she points out this is “a huge conceptual change … a cluster bomb blowing apart who we … Continue reading

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