FINANCIAL TIMES/BRAZIL CONFIDENTIAL: Santa Catarina: revitalising and modernising

Industry in Santa Catarina is under threat from Chinese competition but the state is capitalising upon its
highly-educated population to build a vibrant IT sector.

Small and tidy Santa Catarina in some ways bears closer resemblance to the Germanic countries, to which much of its population traces its ancestry, than many of its fellow Brazilian states.

It has some of the best socio-economic indicators in the country – illiteracy rates are low at 4.4% and GDP per capita stood at R$20,369 ($12,155, £7,662, €8,919) in 2008, compared with the national average of R$15,240. This contributes to a relatively high quality of life and means that executives from São Paulo often prefer to base their families in smaller, more
manageable Florianópolis and commute back and forth.

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